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The authentic product is one made by wisely combined materials of different features. Leaning towards that idea, five years ago, we decided to launch Wood & Steel. Our company stands for fresh thinking, an innovative approach to carpentry, an experienced and skilled team, and effectively organized logistics.

Wood & Steel koncept izrade nameštaja predstavlja suptilan prelaz od drveta ka metalu i njihovo spajanje u savršenu formu industrijskog dizajna. 

Hand-crafted pieces from our broad assortment signify the compound of the elegance of wood and solidity of metal, making the final articles impressive and chic. We use massive woods of high quality in our production — walnut, oak, acacia, and ash — often in fusion with metal, glass, or stainless steel. Functionality, firmness, and smart design of our products will give you an advantage in arranging your home and business space, or a cafe, restaurant, and hotel.  

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"High quality hand-made work, brought to perfection."


We are inviting you to discover an entire world of original pieces of furniture, which has been created out of two elements only, but with lots of curiosity and creativity.